The phrase 23 skidoo has historically meant "being of high spirits." Designer Courtney McCrone has long desired for all women to be of good spirits, and it is for this purpose that 23 Skidoo Clothes was created.

The 23 Skidoo woman, also known as a Skadette, has an adventurous soul that desires to look and feel feminine on the journey. She finds dignity in her womanhood, dresses herself in strength and is not anxious about tomorrow. She enjoys being creative with the gifts she has been given and her playful wardrobe sings Anywhere Adventure Wear.

Courtney McCrone, creator and designer of 23 Skidoo, began sewing and making clothes for friends and family at age 8. When she entered high school she began to wander out of the suburb in which she was raised to explore the grand city of Cleveland. Immediately, she fell in love with the people, culture, and passion that resided in Greater Cleveland and her dreams of a Cleveland-based clothing company were birthed. Courtney felt that in order for the fashion industry of Cleveland to become all it was meant to be, her first big adventure was to live and study in the home of one of the largest fashion industries in the world: Los Angeles, California. There Courtney completed her degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Never forgetting her native Cleveland, she returned to the north coast carrying with her the world-wide culture she encountered in L.A., excited to establish 23 Skidoo as an official women's brand; launched in Fall 2013.